The Story

Where did it all begin?

Excellent question! My story begins on a bright winter day a little over two decades ago. The day after Valentine's Day, to be exact (I know, how romantic). Also a week and a day after my very first birthday.  While the day began quite normally --with my mother wondering how the hell she got stuck with such a whining, fussy, weird (but adorable) baby as she toted me to the pediatrician--it did not have such a normal ending. At the pediatrician's office, they decided to check my urine for sugar. This is when they discovered that my blood sugar level was approximately 900 (in the USA, target range is 80-120).  And this is when the journey began.

Ah, yes. Because as I'm sure you all know, anyone living with type 1 diabetes is much more than just type 1 diabetes. As such, this blog has digressed to include insight regarding other areas of life as well.

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