Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spare A Rose

Ah, Valentine's Day. Is there any other day quite as simultaneously loved and hated by so many? I think not. But instead of whining about being single or getting gross and googly-eyed over your significant other, here's a better idea: Spare a Rose, Save a Child.

The big picture behind this program is much more than just sacrificing roses--and it will last much longer than the end of February.  By taking the money you would spend on a rose for your significant other and donating it to Spare a Rose, you provide an entire month of life for a child with diabetes.  One rose = $5 = one month of medical supplies.  One dozen roses = $60 = a year of medical supplies.  These supplies will save the lives of children who cannot otherwise afford medical care for their diabetes.  It also spreads awareness about the gross inequality experienced around the globe when it comes to living with type 1.

Many organizations have been sprouting up for causes like these, which I think is great.  Until very recently I was not even aware of how little care those in third world countries receive for diabetes.  The diagnosis is essentially a death sentence.  But programs like Save a Rose are working to change this.  I even discovered a foundation through which you can donate medical supplies directly to those in need.

One of the things I have discovered both through my personal journey and through my education in social work is that giving back to others has significant emotional and psychosocial benefits for those who are giving, not just for those who are receiving.  So this Valentine's Day, consider giving up that bouquet of roses for your boo (let's face it, they're gonna wilt anyway). Consider giving up that 20 oz bag of chocolates you were gonna buy for yourself.  And consider giving life instead.

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