Friday, May 29, 2015

When Diabetics Unite

I recently had the pleasure of working with Joe Griffiths, content writer for Voucher Codes Pro who put together a spectacular compendium for diabetics and diabetic support. You can find my snippet along with others & links for great resources, blogs, and help sites here! If you click around you'll also find other useful info that Joe's put together such as hypo/hyper info, diabetes misconceptions, and the works.

What's so great about projects like these is that they tie together people with diabetes from all around the globe. The diabetic online community (DOC) has brought together so many people that if you ever feel alone, someone half a world away can be there in an instant for support. Just knowing that so many people with diabetes are out there besides you is reassuring enough. But the DOC goes beyond that. It provides tips, how-to's and life hacks--and an endless amount of them.

So start clicking, start sharing, and start supporting---spread the D-Love! :)

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